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Gettysburg Replica Pistol in Box Set

Non-firing replica guns are ideal for gun collectors, because they cost much less than the real ones and are safer to display.  But they have other uses, too. They are great for film and theatrical productions, training purposes, historical reenactments, and even as uniform accessories that liven up an ensemble, and add a touch of historical authenticity to your reenactor or living history costuming.

But they can be used in another way that doesn't always come readily to mind.  They make great decorative accents for your home, office or restaurant.  Replica guns--especially in combination with related decorative items--make creative and interesting  focal points for your decor. For a room, office or restaurant with a western motif, classic Old West revolvers add interest and authenticity.  They can be mounted on a wall using decorative mounting hooks with matching motifs, or displayed in shadow boxes.  Add an Old West badge, some "dummy" bullets, wanted posters, period paintings or prints or just display it alone on a velvet backdrop with a brass plaque about its historic significance.  There are many old flintlocks and revolvers--especially the polished, ornately-engraved presentation models--that make striking and interesting displays.

Republic of Texas display using old percussion revolver

Brightly polished pistols and rifles, with silver, gold or brass plating and engravings are genuine works of  fine art and craftsmanship that enhance a space like a fine painting or sculpture.  Displayed in a presentation case or a wall-mounted box frame, replica guns can be the focal point or centerpiece of your decor. High quality decorative and special interest replicas often come already framed or boxed, using spring-loaded hangers that allow you to easily free the gun from its mounting, to feel the heft and test the action of authentically working mechanical parts.  Good quality replica guns are very rich in detail and authenticity, and they look great in polished wood display frames or boxes.

M1911A1 Colt .45 in Frame

Replica guns are also a smart choice for themed restaurant and office decor.  Interesting and beautiful gun replicas are available for  numerous periods of history.  Using them as decorative focal points creates an instant historical context and ambiance that few other decorative items can provide. Choose from ornate European, American Colonial or frontier flintlock pistols and rifles, fancy 17th century dueling pistols, Civil war pistols and muskets, , old west "six-shooters" and rifles,  or classic modern military or police models.  You've probably seen a steakhouse or other restaurant with a western motif, and a rifle or pistol mounted on the wall.  Enhance the Old West atmosphere by adding "antiqued" spurs,  wanted posters, jailers' keys, steer skulls with horns, branding irons and other Western items.

Old West display theme with Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson.

Confederate Military Display with Colt percussion revolver.

For a veteran of the armed forces, a mounted replica firearm adds a touch of nostalgia and history to a den or office, and makes a meaningful and appreciated gift.  Replicas of  famous pistols and rifles of  every war, from the turn of the century, clear up to the present day can be framed or boxed with small identifying plaques or plates, accompanied by military insignia to add historical context.  Veterans of every branch of the United States Armed Forces who served prior to 1985 will recognize the legendary Colt  Government M1911 .45 automatic, and its replacement, the Beretta M9.  There are detailed and authentic non-firing replicas of these weapons in several different finishes that are ideal for display, and safer than displaying live firearms.  For reenactors, a blank-firing Colt M1911 Government automatic (or the Smith and Wesson version) has all the fine details and functions of the original except the projectile, and serves a dual purpose as both a decorative display and part of the reenactor's equipment.

Consider using historic replica guns for your period decor.  If you are looking for decorative accents that recall a certain period of history, or just to add interest to a room, office or restaurant, replica guns and other related accents offer many decorating possibilities and choices.

Geroge Washington Flintlock Box Set and Colt 1851 Navy Revolver on Wall Plaque
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