Famous Historical Guns

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List of Famous Firearms
Due to Alphabetical Variations in Terminology, this index is Listed in roughly Chronological Order .  More items will be added to this list as we get to them.  

NOTE: For every firearm that we provide a history for on this page, there is a link at the bottom of that page to an authentic non-firing and/or blank-firing replica of that firearm.

Pirate Blunderbuss
Large, intimidating flared-muzzle flintlock used for clearing the decks by blasting out whatever they could find to drop down the barrel! Broken glass, nails, grapeshot...Aarrr!

Fancy, Pre-20th Century Flintlock Pistols
Page featuring some very ornate and artistic hancrafted flintlock pistols produced throughout three centuries, and some background on their history.

18th Century Dueling Pistols
Flintlock pistols, paired in sets of two, used for duels. The aristocratic culture of dueling is interesting and surprising, and full of traditional fairness and etiquette. Killing with courtesy!

Brown Bess Musket
The famous and powerful British Smoothbore Musket used by both sides in the American Revolutionary War, and even made an appearance in the Texas Revolution.

Charleville Musket
The French Smoothbore Musket used by Colonials in the American War of Independence, and in the Battle of New Orleans and elsewhere in the Louisiana Purchase.

Kentucky Rifle
Also called the Long Rifle. The many different homegrown rifles made by German immigrant gunsmiths in Pennsylvania and throughout Appalachia. Used by volunteers in combat against the British, countless mountain men, hunters and fur trappers. Say hello to Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett!

Deringer Pistol
Very small pistol, widely copied, but most famous for its use in the assasination of President Abraham Lincoln.

Wild Bill Hickok's Engraved Navy Colts
A little on Wild Bill Hickok and his ornately engraved pair of 1851 Navy Colt Percussion Revolvers.  Magnificent scrollwork and engraved naval battle scenes.

1860 Henry Octagonal Barrel Lever-Action Repeating Rifle
Legendary rifle of the Amercan Old West, Predecessor to the Winchester, and the first practical lever-action rifle.

LeMat Confederate Revolver
The legendary and innovative Confederate percussion revolver, with a mini shotgun built into the center of the cylinder. Rare!

Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifled Musket
The rifled musket used in the Crimean War, the US Civil War, Indian Rebellion and others.  A muzzle-loading rifle that uses percussion caps.  

Colt Dragoon Percussion Revolver 1848-1860
Colt's massive, powerful percussion revolver, and successor to the Walker Revolver. Forerunner to the great Army and Navy Colts.  

Colt Percussion Revolvers 1849-1873
Colt's intimidating single-action percussion revolvers.  The 1849 Pocket Pistols, 1851 Navy, M1860 Army, M1861 Navy.  Also the fancy, custom General Custer 1861 Navy Colt.

Griswold & Gunnison Con federate Revolver
One of very few Confederate-made pistols . A big percussion Revolver, made under extremely difficul t conditions. Very rare!

Colt .45 SAA, Army, Peacemaker, Lonestar, Six Shooter, "Equalizer"
One of the most legendary American pistols ever produced.  The fast-draw pistol that settled the American West, and saw plenty of action in gunfights and in hollywood too!

Wyatt Earp's Engraved 1874 Schofield R evolver
Custom rebuilt revolver used by legendary lawman and crack-shot, Wyatt Earp.  Allegedly the only surviving weapon used in the famous 1881 gunfight at the OK Corral in the Arizona Territory.

Bat Masterson's custom-made 1885 SAA Colt
Dodge City, Kansas US Marshall's legendary polished nickel-plated Colt Revolver with an unusually fast hammer action.

Winchester Model 1892 Rifle and Carbine
The predecessor to the famed 1894 Winchester. The guns that "Won the West" the second time.  This time in Hollywood! A favorite of John Wayne.

Winchester Mares Leg Rifle
Think of this one as a sawed-off lever-action M1892 rifle for quick and dirty close-in work. Could be a holster-worn rifle.  This link will take you to the 1892 Winchester page.

Winchester M1894 Lever-Action Rifle
The rifle that won the West! The legendary lever-action rifle that was, and stll is the most popular rifle in American history. Variations of it are still made.

Mauser C96
A very early German semi-automatic/submachine pistol developed at the turn of the century, used in WWI, the Chinese Civil War and elsewhere. Instantly recognizable!

Webley Mk IV .455 Caliber Break-Top Revolver
Called the "British Peacemaker." Reliable and legendary revolver of the British Empire.
From the second African Boer War to Indiana Jones.

Luger P08 Parabellum
Very unique German pistol used in Both World Wars. Nothing else like it!

Lee-Enfield Mk III SMLE
The beloved and legendary British Infantry bolt-action rifle of both World Wars. One of the finest military-issue rifles ever produced. Very highly sought-after to this day!

Colt M1911 .45 Automatic
The most popular and reliable American pistol of all time. Used by the US Military for 8 decades, and still used everywhere.  A true American patriot's pistol, beloved by veterans.

M1 Garand
The most well-known rifle used by American troops to help win World War II.  General Patton loved 'em, and so do many American Veterans!

Thompson Submachine Gun "Tommy Gun"
The "Chicago Typewriter." The weapon of the Roaring Twenties and 1930's, made famous by police, gangsters, and most of all, Hollywood!  Also used by the military.

Walther P38
Used by German officers in World War II, replacement for the Luger P08.  Used by police forces in postwar Europe, and still sought as a collectors' item.

Walther PPK
The pistol made famous by Ian Fleming's James Bond.  A German engineering masterpiece with an interesting history, and one of the most desired pistols in the world.

MP40 "Schmeisser" Maschinenpistole
Compact Machine Pistol / submachine gun used by German SS and Paratroopers in World War II. An early example of modern fully automatic assault rifles.

The classic Cold War Russian assault rifle, still used worldwide.  Favored for its tough  durability and reliability.  Instantly recognizable.

Makarov PM 9 X 18mm"
Reliable 9mm semiautomatic pistol of the communist bloc nations and used by KGB agents during the Cold War.  Successor to the Soviet Tukarov TT33.

Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum
Legendary large-caliber revolver used by police officers and others. 2,4,6, and 8-inch barrel.

Ruger Redhawk Revolver
Sleek and modern, heavy frame large-caliber sporting revolver. Admired for its accuracy and raw power.

Beretta 92F / M9
9mm Parabellum semi-automatic.  Current miliary issue sidearm for the United States Armed Forces, replacement for the classic Colt M1911A1.

Walther P99
Extremely fine, technologically-advanced  polymer-composite semi-automatic pistol made by Carl Walther Sportwaffen GmbH in Germany.  Innovative Anti-Stress trigger system.   The latest in a long line of great German semi-automatics.

Decorative Guns and Mountings
In some settings, classic firearms (or safe replicas) can make a great statement when used as decor. Especially for police and veterans.  Also used in office and restaurant decor.

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